A Look at Viking Runecraft

The new slot game Viking Runecraft by Play’N Go Game Developer is based on Nordic Mythology, which has been a popular topic in recent years thanks to the success of games like Hall of Gods, Thor, and Vikings Go Wild among casino gamers all over the world. In Viking Runecraft, the 7×7 grid is used for a cascading game.

Features of the Viking Runecraft Slot

Cascade from reel to reel in Viking Runecraft, a video slot machine with 7 reels and 7 rows. There are a total of 13 symbols in the slot machine, including 4 bonus symbols, 5 regular symbols, and 4 wild symbols (Odin, Thor, Freya, and Heimdall).

For a winning combination to occur, at least five identical symbols must appear in a cluster, with all symbols in the cluster making vertical or horizontal contact with one another. When a winning combination is made, additional symbols flood the playing field from above.

With each successive victory, the game’s quality increases as the combo meter fills. When the meter is at its maximum, one of four supplemental features, or “effects” as Play’N Go calls them, will be activated.

Impact of Fenrir’s Rage

Two of the grid’s diagonals will be changed into new symbols, and two lines will be taken out entirely.

The allure of Loki

A random number generator will generate 2 symbols, and for one of them, all occurrences of matching symbols will be eliminated, while for the other, all occurrences of matching symbols will be changed to a different symbol.

Effect of Surtr’s Torch

The fire will start with three symbols and spread to a random number of neighboring symbols until consuming them all and removing them from the reels. Instead, a new group of similar symbols will form.

Jörmungandr impact evaluation

All the connected symbols will be eliminated, and a new, unique symbol will take their place if there are no remaining symbols.

In addition, if you quadruple the meter’s charge, the Ragnarök bonus round will activate. The Charge of Destruction feature will run its course after triggering all of its effects once.

You’ll also keep track of something called the End of the World bonus meter when you’re in the Ragnarök feature. The multipliers you receive throughout the Ragnarök feature are determined by the number of symbols that contribute to the winning combinations.

At 20 symbols, the multiplier is doubled.

The multiplier for 40 symbols is 3.

Multiply by five for every sixty symbols.

A 15x multiplier for every 80 symbols.

In if that wasn’t enough, the Viking Runecraft slot also gives you access to the blessings of not one, but four separate deities. You’ll encounter a new God and his gifts when you go through the game and clear various patterns from the reels. After losing spins, the Gifts appear, which function similarly to additional wilds.

The god of thunder’s gift can substitute 5-9 random symbols with wilds.

The two sets of wilds gained via the God of Wisdom Gift are vertical neighbors.

The Goddess of Beauty’s Gift generates four clusters of wilds in the center five by five area.

The incredible God of Guarding Gift provides seven wilds, one for each row.

Bonus Round: Runes of Valhalla

You may play a bonus game by gathering Rune Stone icons. To get the bonus money, players must spin the wheel and land on the illuminated Rune symbol. You may increase your potential payout by collecting Rune Stones.

Slot machine free spins and the Viking Runecraft bonus

You’ll be able to play the Viking Runecraft slot machine at the finest online casinos the moment it’s released, where you’ll also find a generous welcome bonus and a boatload of free spins. After April 27, 2017, if you follow the links in this review to the game, you can play for free and potentially win real money from the online casino.

Bet sizing, return to player percentage, and volatility in the Viking Runecraft slot

The new Viking Runecraft slot has a 10p minimum wager and a maximum stake of £100. The game has a high volatility of 8 out of 10 points and a high return to player rate of 96.7%.

Slot machine payout for Viking Runecraft

We are confident that you will have a fantastic time spinning the reels of this slot machine thanks to its numerous exciting bonus features, God’s Gifts, and Special Effects. The non-progressive jackpot is a respectable 500,000 coins, so there’s that, too.

Images and sounds from the Viking Runecraft slot machine

If you’re a fan of Nordic mythology, you’ll love Viking Runecraft since it recounts so many familiar stories and characters.

Various pieces of Viking armor and weaponry, as well as a variety of runes, and golden wilds, make up the symbols on the reels.

We think Play’N Go did a fantastic job with the slot’s visuals, sounds, characters, and features, and we applaud their meticulousness.

Summary of Viking Runecraft Slot

We plan to play this game pretty often after April 27th, 2017 due to its interesting reel structure, generous bonuses, and generous payout.






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